To illustrate synchronized swimming, imagine…

   A gymnast performing underwater

   A six-minute miler running without breathing

   An ice skater perfecting figure movements in an unstable medium 

   A dancer’s artistic flair in choreographed routines

   A water polo player’s power and strength needed to extend out of water

   A long-distance swimmers’ lung capacity developed for endurance

Add to that a combination of grace, fluidity, and synchronization of an entire team and you have just imagined…synchronized swimming!


Competitors are often up-side down with their legs above the surface of the water, performing splits, spins and other movements, that require power, split-second timing and incredible breath control.


Competitors perform figures before a panel of judges with-out music, and routines (choreographed performances) set to music in which judges score the athletes to reflect their execution, artistic impression, and technical difficulty.